FAQ - WorkAttest
What is WorkAttest?
WorkAttest is a comprehensive exit employee repository helping employers in handling incoming verification requests. A one-of-its-kind product from AuthBridge, WorkAttest provides an online portal for employers to upload their ex-employee data and let go of all efforts and worries related to handling incoming verification requests.
WorkAttest also helps verifiers in verifying candidate details by providing an authentic repository of readily available employee data contributed directly from the employers themselves. Complete automation with defined users, access and visibility makes it completely secure for both employers and verifiers.
Where does the data on WorkAttest come from?
Employers directly contribute authentic data of their ex-employees on WorkAttest.
What type of employers can use WorkAttest?
Employers from across all sectors and industries can use WorkAttest to contribute/verify employee data.
How is data security and access ensured?
WorkAttest data is maintained across highly secure servers and access is provided to selected data. Employers can view and modify data limited to what they have uploaded; separating data shared by a particular employer with the data shared by rest of the employers. Access rights are enabled at each level to ensure complete security.
Who can be a Verifier?
A person or an organisation from any sector/ industry looking for verifying their employees can become a verifier.
How to become a Registered Verifier?
You can become a verifier by filling up a form which is at the bottom section of the website or by sending us a verification request at enquiry@workattest.com
Who can be a Contributor (Employer)?
A person or an organisation from any sector/ industry looking for outsourcing ex-employee verification handling can become a contributor (employer).
How to become a Contributor (Employer)?
You can become a contributor by filling up a form which is at the bottom section of the site or by sending us a request at enquiry@workattest.com
How can I get the verification done from WorkAttest?
For Registered Verifiers
1.  Log in to WorkAttest.com
2.  Create a verification request
3.  Fill Employee Name and relevant details
4.  Upload Authorization Release Note (ARN)
5.  Receive Verification result
For Non-Registered Verifiers
Alternately, if you are not a registered as a verifier on our portal, you can send us a verification request at verifications@workattest.com
What if WorkAttest does not have the data of a candidate?
Verifier can raise a request on the portal or send us an email at verifications@workattest.com with employee details for whom no data is available in the database.
What is an Appeal?
Verifier can raise an appeal for any mismatch in the data provided by the employee and that available in WorkAttest database
What is a Request?
Verifier can raise a “Request” when no data is available in the WorkAttest database for the verification request raised
What is the basic requirement to raise a verification request?
For any verification request, you will need to provide the following:
1.  Employee Name
2.  Name of the ex-employee from whom verification needs to be conducted (Contributor)
3.  ARN- Authorization Release Note (Consent from the employee stating his/her permission to conduct background screening)
What are the different payment modes available?
Registered Verifiers:
An invoice will be generated of all the transactions carried in a specific period and will be billed accordingly
For Non-registered Verifiers:
They can use the WorkAttest payment gateway and pay via Debit/Credit card
Can I conduct a check on someone without his/her knowledge?
No, an employee must give his consent for conducting background check on him/her. During verification, verifiers must upload an ARN- Authorization Release Note, signed by the employee giving his/her consent on background screening check.
I have the candidate's consent via a Letter of Authorization. Can I enter data on his/her behalf?
Yes, you can enter the candidate's information provided that you upload the employee's ARN- Authorization Release Note, signed by the employee giving his/her consent on background screening check.

Account Set Up and Login

How do I change my password?
Login to your account and go to 'My Accounts' section. You'll find an option to change the password. Follow the instructions on the website to proceed with password change.
STEPS: Login> My Accounts> Change Password
How do I add or change users in my account?
Log in through your admin account. At the right corner you'll find the Users button. Click on it and it will guide you through the process of adding a new user or removing an existing one. If you need further help, write to us at enquiry@workattest.com.
I forgot my username or password. What do I do?
Step 1: Log in to www.workattest.com and click on 'Forgot Password'.
Step 2: Enter your registered email.
Step 3: Instructions will be sent to your registered email on how to change or reset your password/username. Follow the instructions to change your username/password.
My Account is blocked. How do I unblock it?
Write to us at verifications@workattest.com to unblock your account.
Where do I get my PIN/Password in order to log in for the first time?
You'll receive your login details on your registered email.

WorkAttest is an expert offering from AuthBridge